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Westwind Helicopters, Inc. has been proudly serving the U.S. energy industry for many years, providing premium fight services for onshore and offshore oil & gas operations. Westwind has a core philosophy of providing the highest quality service and safety to our clients and to our community. Our employees, pilots and mechanics are highly experienced professionals and have a commitment to continued education and certification to ensure the highest standards, efficiency and aircraft expertise. Most of our pilots have in excess of 10,000 hours of flight time and all are experienced at both onshore and offshore flight operations.

Here at Westwind, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most effective helicopter transportation service in the industry. Westwind offers an extensive array of flight services including, but not limited to, Professional and Executive Charter Services, Offshore and Onshore Operations, Lightering, Pipeline Patrols and Surveys, Hot Shot Flights, and Government Agency Assistance, to suit most any helicopter flight need or service available. Please see our Services page to view a complete list of the offerings that we provide.

We tailor our resources to meet your company's requirements and needs. At Westwind Helicopters we assure quality flight experience for every client, for every flight, day or night. Please contact a member of Westwind Helicopters today to arrange your next flight.


Westwind Helicopters announced today that Doug Forslund has joined the company as General Manager to further advance Westwind's growing operations and expand their domestic U.S. and Gulf of Mexico efforts.  Forslund brings a wealth of aviation industry experience with thirty-three years in helicopter air carrier operations.The General Manager role is a new position for Westwind, indicative of the growing needs of the oil and gas (O&G) industry along with continuously evolving aviation technology and maintenance requirements.  As GM, Forslund will oversee operations and maintenance for Westwind.

Helicopter service for transport of personnel and equipment cost-effectively supports the O&G Industry's growing demand, as more offshore and remote onshore locations are targeted for exploration and operation. As Westwind expands its team, its fleet, and its services to meet these needs, it will not lose focus on safety, operations and proper maintenance.  Forslund's leadership experience in maintenance, safety and aircraft effectiveness, managing both small aircraft and transport category aircraft, will be instrumental to proactively expanding Westwind's footprint.  Forslund and his team will handle aircraft upgrades and regular system maintenance executed from Westwind's corporate facility in Santa Fe, Texas, and remote locations throughout the Gulf Coast region.

"With his vast experience working with one of the major helicopters services, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge to Westwind and propels us in our efforts and dedication to become one of the premier privately held companies servicing the U.S. and Gulf of Mexico.  We are proud to have him on our team," said Bob McCoy, President of Westwind Helicopters.